What is body detoxification?

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In the course of our lives we have all been poisoned to a greater or lesser extent. We need to get rid of that poison again, because it is in our body and our immune system is steadily collapsing. We can eat and drink healthy, but if we do not detoxify, the result will not be enough to give us our health back.

body detoxification

The entire chain of our digestive system must be included here in the considerations: The mouth, the pancreas, the liver, the bile, the kidneys, the intestines, the kidneys, but also the skin and the lungs. They absorb food, light and air and separate the nutrients from the waste.

But they succeed as well as that influx of toxins no longer good. They are hidden by our toxic habitat with stones, intestinal plaque, grit, ointments and tar. Our detoxifying lymph system is often overloaded and our blood is often too toxic / acidic.

The wastes that the body can not dispose of via the appropriate channels leave it via emergency valves, also known as safety valves. These are the nasal mucosa, the skin, the uterus, the intestines, the lungs and the thyroid gland. These organs try to ban the toxins as much as possible by nosebleeds, nose cold, snot noses, hay fever, excretion of excessive smelly sweat, psoriasis, eczema, storage of toxins in subcutaneous adipose tissue (with weight gain as a result), stinking and a lot of menstrual blood, white flood, intestinal bleeding , diarrhea, mucus formation, bad smelling breath, a swollen thyroid gland, and so on.

With a continuous ‘poison bombardment’ these valves are no longer effective at any given time and diseases are created to prevent immediate danger to life. (source: diarrhea, mucus formation, bad smelling breath, a swollen thyroid gland, and so on.

It is remarkable that ninety percent of all our diseases come from heavily polluted and poisoned intestines.

But how do we know how our state of health is? Our general practitioner and the specialists who are called in will not tell us. They generally deal with (symptom) combating diseases in sub-areas. Their research focus is on your ailment and not so much on you or your health.

But also physicians, homeopaths and other alternative therapists do not always find all (correct or complete) information. There are many opinions and standpoints in that area, which also highlight aspects of the subject and do not consider the total. Who should we believe now?

body detoxification

As said before: Do not believe anyone – not me – and follow your own path! And measuring is knowing. In my search for a healthier and more natural way of life, I have commissioned a number of studies, which together give a nice overall picture:

  • Living blood analysis (LBA): a drop of blood is placed under a strong microscope and on the screen of the computer you can see from your blood picture how you stand in terms of health
  • Vincent test: a somewhat more extensive test (blood, urine, saliva), which gives a complete picture of your state of health through a computer program
  • Bioresonance: This method is based on an energetic control system in humans that precedes other systems such as the immune system, nervous system and hormonal system. That energy system, also called vital force, maintains our health and determines our capacity for self-healing. With bio-resonance, it is possible to determine in a very specific way which factors make the recovery capacity more difficult.
  • PH-strips: Allows you to keep an eye on your acid-alkaline balance at home.
  • Stool research: research into the acidity in your body and other causes of illness (including gluten intolerance)

If you know more, understand what causes the effects of your immune system are bothering you can start detoxifying. Hereafter a concise list of organs and areas that you can detoxify:

  • Mouth: Let amalgam fillings (50% toxic mercury) be replaced and have the harmful effects of root canal treatments investigated. Look here for more information …
  • The lymphatic system
  • Circulatory system: eat raw, fresh food, raw vegetables
  • Pancreas: this mix (blender!) Of cottage cheese and (cold pressed) linseed oil makes the pancreas detoxified and relieved. People with a truly healthy pancreas are hardly susceptible to cancer. The pancreas plays a crucial role in detoxifying our food.
  • High intestinal washings
  • Liver and bile
  • Kidneys
  • Skin: dry brushing
  • Lungs

This is a rather technical post but as you can see the total body detoxification is simply not limited to just intestinal.

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