How many kilos per week is weight loss normal?

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When you want to lose weight, you will set a goal for yourself. You may want to lose 5, 10 or even 20 kilos. The larger the goal, the harder you will have to work. The curiosity starts to tickle and you start to wonder one thing:

How many kilos per week do weight loss is actually normal and healthy?

Your overweight or bold edges did not come from one to another day either. So expecting them to go from one to another day is very unrealistic. If you have to believe the internet, it is possible to lose several kilos per week. Some ‘revolutionary’ diets even claim that you could lose 6 kilos per week. Claims made by quacks and marketing experts are fun … but science is even more fun.

In this blog you learn how many kilos per week you can lose if you want to lose weight in a healthy way. You will also learn why it is impossible to lose 6 kilos per week. Despite what all ‘experts’ claim.

How many kilos per week can you actually lose?

Let’s start with a simple calculation to dispel all the myths about losing weight. We know from research that 1 gram of fat contains about 9 kcal. That does not sound very much but the calculation is not finished yet. 1 kilo of fat (1000 grams) contains 9000 kcal.

So in order to lose one kilogram of fat you have to burn at least 9000 kcal. Or less to eat naturally.

The average woman eats about 2000 kcal per day. To lose a kilogram of fat a week, you have to do your very best. This is why:

If you eat 2000 kcal per day, you eat 14,000 kcal per week. If you eat 9000 kcal less per week, only 5000 kcal remains for you to eat. If you divide the 5000 kcal over 7 days, you will arrive at a daily caloric intake of 714 kcal . That is about 1/3 of the normal calorie requirement of a woman. So you can easily lose one kilogram per week .

How many kilos per week weight loss is normal

This is the reality

If you want to lose half a kilogram per week, you only need to eat less than 4500 kcal per week. If you do the above sum again, you will come to the conclusion that as an average woman you can eat just over 1400 kcal per day  . Half a kilo per week is therefore much more realistic. The answer to the question ‘how many kilos per week is not normal’ seems to have been answered.

The question is, however, whether this is true. Because calculations on paper are fun, but they do not always have to match reality. It would be best to find studies in which the result of fast and slow weight loss was compared.

Fortunately, studies have been conducted in which the central question was: how many kilos per week is normal and healthy?

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Fast weight loss compared with slow weight loss

You might be surprised if I say this, but the average person only arrives 0.25 to 0.5 kilos per year. This shows that overweight does not arise from one to another month. There are, of course, exceptions, but for the vast majority of the population, obesity is slow. This of course does not take away the fact that you want to get rid of the excess weight quickly. But how fast is ‘fast’?

In a study that took more than a year, something fun was done. Here we looked at how effective fast and slow weight loss were in the long term. The participants were divided into two groups:

  • Group 1 was given a diet with extremely few calories ( 420 kcal per day )
  • Group 2 was given a diet with less extreme numbers ( 1200 kcal per day )

The first group therefore ate 3 times as much per day  as the second group. In addition to the diet, the groups received weekly supervision. Here they could discuss everything related to the diet.

You do not have to be a genius to understand that the first group lost more weight on average. After half a year, group 1 had lost about 22 kilos per person while group 2 had lost ‘only’ 12 kilos.

But then came the unexpected turn

But then something nice happened. Group 1 did not pull it anymore. This created the nightmare of every dropout: the yo-yo effect. Because they were allowed to eat so extremely little (crash diet) one day, their body began to struggle. You need to know before the imaging that 420 kcal are about 3 slices of bread with cheese.

Group 1 started to eat here and there. You would not mind in itself. Until you view the data for the second half of the year:

How many kilos per week weight loss is normal and healthy

As you can see, group 1 ( VLCD = very low calorie diet ) lost a lot of weight during the first half year. Group 2 ( BDD = balanced deficit diet ) lost less in the first half of the year. But in the second half of the year group 1 started yo-yo. Group 2, on the other hand, was able to continue losing weight. This was because group 2 ate little but not too little.

You got the biggest effect after one year. After the first year, the supervision was not done weekly but every two weeks. Because there was less control and guidance, group 1 had less motivation to keep to the diet. What happened in those 26 weeks was too painful for words. Although both groups of weight arrived, group 1 gained so much more weight. As a result, they had lost less net weight at the end of the study than group 2.

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What does this mean for you?

The conclusion you can draw from this is very simple:

Although a diet in which you lose about one kilo per week (group 1) is feasible in the short term, you will pay the price in the long term by being very disappointed by the scale. A diet in which you waste about 0.5 kilos per week may not give a quick result ….. but it does give a PERMANENT result.

And this is also what other studies conclude. If you want to lose weight by means of a good diet, you will lose about 0.5 kg per week. Do you want to lose weight in a healthy way? Then the rest will have to come from the sports. In both cases, guidance is a determining factor.

How many kilos per week weight loss is healthy

This is also the main reason that we accompany people on a weekly basis in the field of losing weight. Without talking to you weekly, you will fall back into old habits. And these habits are not particularly good for the waste process. If you want to know more about coaching, click here .

But Wendy …. I really want to lose weight!

I think that in the meantime you have received a good answer to the question: ‘How many kilos per week are normal and healthy?’. This is about half a kilo per week without  exercising . But there will always be people who want more, more and more. Because they will soon go on holiday, have to fit in a tight dress for 2 weeks or because they will become demotivated differently.

If you want to lose weight more than what is normal and healthy, you view the blog. There are a few unusual tips to lose a lot of weight in a short period. If that is not enough for you, I’m afraid you do not want to hear the truth.

Of course there are stories on the internet of people who have lost a lot of weight. There are also studies that show that if you eat 5000 kcal per day of which 4000 kcal comes from fat, you will not get any grams. This does not mean that you only have to eat fat tomorrow because you can. Why? Because this is just not normal and healthy. Just like to lose weight very quickly.

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