The whole idea of ​​”cleaning” might be attractive, but that is a better solution. Because vegetables have an important function in detoxifying and balancing your body. Read on.

Vegetable is the best healthy, natural detox

What is Clean Eating Homepage

What is Clean Eating Homepage

I always say: “No one has ever grown fat from eating too much vegetables”. In addition, vegetables are just about the only food that all scientists agree that it is good . Vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber and contain a lot of moisture. All things that your body can use well to eliminate belly fat and become fitter. Belly fat causes inflammation, so for this reason alone, more vegetable food is the best thing you can do for your body!

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Protection against diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and too high LDL cholesterol

More and more research shows that certain substances in plants, the so-called phytohormones, protect your body against diseases such as diabetes 2, cancer, high blood pressure and too high LDL cholesterol . I also see this as a form of cleaning. The effect of phytohormones is not yet precisely known. A possible explanation is that the plant phytohormones resemble the building blocks of your own DHEA hormone.

This DHEA hormone is called the “mother of all hormones”, it plays a role in protection against diseases and protection against obesity. Your body may use the plant phytohormones as building blocks to supplement your DHEA supply. No other diet has as many good qualities as vegetables. Keep this in mind when you make a choice for the Joyful Intestine book .

What is even better to detox? Dark green vegetables!

Even better is to take dark green vegetables ! Dark leafy vegetables also contain a lot of chlorophyll in addition to vitamins, minerals and fibers. A substance that helps your body cleanse your skin , cleanse your kidneys and improve the composition of your blood.

Chlorophyll also helps to strengthen your immune system. Furthermore, dark green leafy vegetables are rich in minerals such as calcium. This calcium is also much better absorbed by your body than, for example, calcium from dairy.

Do you eat enough vegetables?

How much vegetable do you eat in a day? Most people only eat some vegetables at dinner and sometimes some salad at lunch. Does that also apply to you? Then you are left with a huge chance to feel more energy, eliminate belly fat and get a beautiful, radiant skin!

How can you eat more vegetables?

But how do you ensure that you get more vegetables? For this it is necessary to change your mindset and assume that you can take vegetables with every meal, so also with your breakfast! Many people find that strange, but you get used to it quickly. Keep it for 30 days and then you do not know better.

Take a fresh vegetable juice or green smoothie every day

Healthy green juice.

Healthy green juice.

My advice is to take a fresh vegetable juice or green smoothie once a day . With vegetable juice you press the moisture with the vitamins and minerals from the vegetable, you do not get the fibers inside. This seems strange, because fibers are very healthy. But if you only drink the juice, your body will absorb the vitamins, minerals and enzymes much better!

You will receive the fibers at a different time if you eat clean. The enzymes stimulate your digestion, so that your fat burning is optimal. If you start your day with the fresh vegetable juice, you already have a great start.

Whatever you can do as a change is to take a healthy smoothie for breakfast on other days . You then put vegetables in a blender or food processor, often with other ingredients such as hemp seed or chia seed. In this way you keep the fibers and your body benefits in a different way from the vegetable!

Make sure you do not do too much fruit in your smoothie! I sometimes see smoothies with only fruit, which is not as healthy as it sounds, too many fruit sugars. Assume a maximum of 1 portion of fruit in your smoothie. For green smoothies you can also find recipes in Your Body In Balance .

Always take care of vegetables with your lunch

Make sure you always take vegetables with your lunch and preferably no bread and such. If your lunch consists mainly of vegetables, you will feel an incredible energy in the afternoon! You are sharp, fit and full of energy. Your body will recover from it! If you are not used to eating vegetables at your lunch, this does require a changeover in your mindset. Then build it up.

Give vegetables the main role in your dinner

In the evening most people eat vegetables and it gets more popular I have the idea. There are now more and more top chefs who call vegetables as their most important ingredient instead of meat. In that respect, we are moving forward! Make sure you also present the vegetables as the most important ingredient at home. The more plant-based you eat, the healthier it is and the better you will feel!

Also try seaweed

Seaweed a natural medicine

Seaweed a natural medicine

Besides the more familiar vegetables, you might also consider eating seaweed. In the nature store you can, for example, buy instant Wagamee, which is dried Japanese seaweed. You will soak it for 5 minutes in water and then mix it with your salad or vegetables.

An alternative is Nori , those are those sheets in which sushi is rolled. You can find these Nori sheets at health food stores. Nowadays you can also buy Nori as snippets for your salad. Also take a look at the fish shop if they sell seaweed there.

What does seaweed do?

Seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals. It helps your body to come into balance by turning heavy metals into salts that the body can separate. Seaweed has a strong detoxifying effect. Seaweed also contains iodine and that is good for your thyroid gland.

Just this: choose vegetables that are fresh and grown in the Netherlands or in your area. Then the vegetable still contains the most nutrients and you are the cheapest. In addition, I prefer to eat organic, but that is a personal choice. I am very proud of you when you start eating more vegetables as a result of my message. Your body will feel good!

Do you want to know more about the Clean Eating method? Then ask for the free Healthy Lifestyle Nutrition Special! A world will open up for you … Greetings,

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