3 steps to Fast Weight Loss

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You do not lose weight quickly by starving yourself or by swallowing chemical slimming pills.

In this article I describe a method that allows you to quickly and healthily waste, without experiencing a hunger or exercising.

Apply the advice from this article and you can:

  1. Up to 3 kilos per week (in week 1 possibly even more).
  2. Fast and healthy weight loss, without experiencing a hunger or exercising.
  3. Burn subcutaneous fat and organ fat in the abdominal area [1].

If you ignore the advice from this article, you run the risk that you do not or hardly ever lose (you read below why).

In this article you will find everything you need to start immediately. You get a shopping list, quick tips and guidelines for quick and healthy weight loss – without yo-yo effect or hunger.

I will also explain to you why this “method” works so well, so that you understand exactly what changes are taking place in your body.

You can continue to follow this method until you have a nice and slim body.

Step 1 – No more simple carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates (fast carbohydrates) are a form of rapid energy. This includes bread, pasta, white rice, potatoes and sugars such as biscuits, sweets, pastries and ice cream.

Simple carbohydrates are processed differently by your body than complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are comparable to a flash flame; all energy is released quickly in your body.

This is in contrast to complex carbohydrates, which are comparable to a burning piece of charcoal that slowly and stably releases heat over a longer period.

In order to lose weight quickly, it is essential that the food you eat  releases its energy  slowly and  stably to your body, just like a burning piece of charcoal does.

The American doctor Dr. William Sears states that 40% of the simple carbohydrates you eat (such as pasta and rice) are directly stored as body fat.

This is because simple carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels to dangerously high values. Your body looks for ways to protect itself and makes extra insulin.

Insulin is a hormone that your body produces. You can compare insulin with small wheelbarrows that transport nutrients to your fat cells, and then store them there.

Insulin is therefore responsible for the  production of body fat . Fast diet without diet is therefore only possible by keeping your insulin level low.

In short : simple carbohydrates generate a large insulin reaction, so that you produce excess fat.

In addition, a high insulin value has a taxing effect on your body, making it wear faster. High insulin values ​​are linked to a higher risk of cancer and type 2 diabetes, and a higher “bad” cholesterol [2,3,4,5].

There is even evidence found that high insulin values ​​can cause early baldness in men [6].

I do not want to scare you with this information, but rather make you aware of the effect of nutrition on your health.

Rapid weight loss and your body get disease-free (and retain) by eating healthy. Therefore avoid as much as possible simple carbohydrates, especially sugar.

Avoid the following power supply:

  • Sugar (such as sweets, cookies, pastries and ice cream)
  • Bread
  • Rice
  • Pasta and noodles
  • Potatoes
  • Soft drinks (such as cola, orange, bitter lemon and ready-to-drink fruit juices)
  • Ready-to-use and processed products (such as microwave meals, pizza and hamburgers)

Also wholemeal bread and wholemeal pasta are wrongdoers when you want to lose weight quickly. The gluten hamper important biochemical processes in your body.

To give you a clear picture of the first step of the “quick-lose method”, here are a few meal suggestions to replace simple carbohydrates:

  • Replace bread with:
    • Quinoa rice cake with coconut oil, avocado and walnuts
    • Rich salad with meat, fish or nuts
  • Pasta, rice and potatoes replaced by:
    • Turkey roll with vegetables and quinoa
    • Wok dish with vegetables and salmon
  • Sugar-rich snacks replaced by:
    • Healthy smoothie with banana, kiwi and spinach
    • Hand unsalted and unroasted nuts

For more meal suggestions; see the article about a low-  carbohydrate diet .

 Summary: Simple carbohydrates (bread, pasta, noodles, sugar, potatoes, etc.) prevent you from quickly losing weight and speed up the aging process. By not eating this food anymore, you can lose weight faster around your stomach, arms, legs and all other places of your body.

Step 2 – Eat healthy fats, vegetables and proteins

Proteins (or proteins) are essential building blocks for our body and occur in every cell. Proteins are needed for the production of blood, bone, organs, tissue, hair and nails. In addition, protein can be converted into usable energy.

A study by the department of nutrition and sport psychology at the  University of Missouri shows that eating extra proteins can reduce the thoughts about food by 60%.

A similar study by Dr. ir. JS van der Wal from  Saint Louis University  came to another surprising conclusion. People who eat an omelette instead of bread for breakfast are saturated for up to 36 hours and 65% more effective in burning fat!

In short : by eating enough protein you think less of food, you are saturated longer and you burn more fat.

You can quickly and easily lose weight by including proteins in your daily diet.

Protein can be found in:

  • Meat: beef, chicken, poultry, lamb, pig, etc.
  • Fish & Seafood: herring, salmon, mackerel, tuna, lobster, shrimp, etc.
  • Eggs: preferably organic eggs.
  • Beans: black beans, kidney beans and kidney beans (consume quickly to lose weight).
  • Other: almonds, pistachios, oatmeal, quinoa and amaranth.

A rule of thumb  is that you eat two portions of protein daily. Not only the quantity, but also the quality of the proteins are important to lose weight quickly.

In the article about the  protein diet  you will find more information about proteins.

In addition to proteins, our bodies also need healthy fats. Healthy fats lower bad cholesterol (LDL), can prevent cardiovascular disease and stabilize your blood sugar level.

If you want to lose weight quickly and comfortably, healthy fats are not your enemy, but your friend.

You can find healthy fats in:

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Palm oil
  • Butter
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Fatty fish (herring, mackerel, eel, sardines and salmon)

Many other fats (such as deep-frying oil, margarine and sunflower oil) have a negative effect on your health. They raise bad cholesterol and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In the Netherlands, 107 people die daily from cardiovascular disease [7]. That is a football stadium full of people every year! Therefore try to keep the bad fats to a minimum.

In addition to fats and proteins, vegetables are indispensable for losing weight. Vegetables contain few carbohydrates and are full of important nutrients that can accelerate weight loss.

The vitamins, fibers and minerals in vegetables help you to lose weight quickly and  by breaking plateaus during weight loss .

From this list of vegetables you can eat as much as you like:

  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • White cabbage
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions

Download here the complete  shopping list .

 Summary: Fast weight loss is achieved by extracting your energy from vegetables, proteins and healthy fats. The vitamins and minerals in vegetables help you to break plateaus faster during weight loss.

Step 3 – Increase your metabolism by moving (exercise is optional)

Your metabolism (metabolism) is a collection of processes in your body that burn calories. The higher your metabolism, the faster you burn fat.

Your metabolism consists of 3 parts:

  • Rest metabolism (65%): all the energy that is needed for your organs, such as your heart, lungs and brain, to function.
  • Digestion (5%): the energy needed to process food.
  • Movement and sport (30%): all movements, such as walking, climbing stairs or exercising.

See your metabolism as a flame and see your body fat and food as the wax. The larger the flame, the more fat you can burn.

You can quickly lose weight by making the flame of the candle as large as possible (in other words: by increasing your metabolism). You do that by moving daily.

Movement is not just about the number of calories you burn while walking, shopping, or exercising. Movement also increases your metabolism in resting position.

If after a long walk with a cup of tea on the couch, you still burn calories. You do not see it on the outside, but your resting metabolism is burning extra calories at that moment, making weight loss faster.

What does this look like in practice?

To lose weight quickly, you do not have to be a seasoned gym visitor. With 20 minutes of exercise per day you increase your metabolism and  quickly fall off around your stomach , arms, legs, hips, neck and face, but also in all other places of your body.

Sufficient exercise does not have to cost much extra time. Combine it with daily activities and create a habit that you do not have to think about anymore.

A few examples:

  • After lunch, get a fresh nose by walking around a circle
  • Go by bike instead of the car
  • Go recreation swimming
  • Dance to your favorite music
  • Go shopping for an afternoon

Sports is not necessary, although you will achieve faster results if you do well.

Strength exercises give a strong stimulus to your metabolism. Ask the trainer in your gym for a schedule or try one of  these exercises  that you can do at home.

Women, rest assured. You will not be muscled quickly by strength training; you will become slimmer and tighter.

 Summary: You can increase your metabolism (metabolism) by moving 20 minutes daily. Cycling, walking, dancing or shopping are examples of good exercise activities that increase your metabolism, making you waste faster.

Before you start: read this

Now that you know what to do, you can lose up to 3 kilos per week. In the first week possibly even more, by losing excess moisture.

Briefly summarized:

  • Step 1 – Avoid simple carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, bread and sugars.
  • Step 2 – Eat proteins, healthy fats and lots of vegetables.
  • Step 3 – Move 20 minutes per day.

This (long) article has come to an end, but I want to tell you a lot more about how you can quickly lose weight and prevent the yo-yo effect .

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With this information you know exactly what you should eat (or not) to lose excess fat in the abdominal area. Enter below the e-mail address on which you want to receive all this information and start now. There is no better time.

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